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A quiz game rich in visuals and audio, MovieMento takes you down memory lane as you revisit the classics you love, or gives you a brief spoiler-free summary of the ones you haven't yet seenThe game's ever-expanding movie database includes timeless classics and modern releases, box office hits and small works of art, movies that won universal acclaim and movies that have only a cult following... the list goes on.
– Guess movies from artistically hand-picked movie stills– Hit the AudioHint and see if you recognize a theme song or soundtrack fragment...– ...or a hit catchphrase from the movie!– Read text hints that provide useful information in a wittily oblique way– And if push comes to shove, you have five different types of aids (called EZ-tokens) at your disposal, so getting stuck is not option!
Just how good is your power of movie recall? Download the game now to test your mettle and show off your cinema prowess!
P.S. If you are a cinephile extraordinaire and complete all the levels before we have finished designing new ones, then we'll take our hats off for you. Best of luck! Oh, and your support would really help us!